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Mark is a security architect by day and a big LEGO kid by night. As with most adult LEGO builders he recalls fondly hours spent building outlandish spaceships as a child before losing interest in LEGO as a teenager. Mark got his first LEGO Mindstorms RIS set in 1999, followed by a second set for no other reason than two is better than one. He now works with the latest LEGO Mindstorms NXT kits and programs in RobotC, NXC, leJOS and dabbles in pbLua.

Mark is a member of the LEGO Mindstorms Community Partner (MCP) program. As an MCP Mark evangelises LEGO Mindstorms robotics kits around the world. His goal is to help people to learn about robotics, computers and programming using the LEGO Mindstorms kit and its associated programming languages.

Mark’s background is in computer software, specifically system security and hacking. He has published many papers on security topics, presents regularly at security conferences and holds patents on computer intrusion detection technology. He lives in Dublin, Ireland with his wife and three sons, who seem to enjoy the large pile of “Daddy’s LEGO” in the corner.

About Mark

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