LEGO Robot arm

November 2008


As part of my LEGO Wall-E project I wanted to build a robot arm that had 2 degrees-of-freedom (DOF) and a hand that would open and close. I went through many attempts on design for this arm, and the version shown here is a heavy strong arm that uses the large Power Functions motors to articulate the shoulder joint. It has no elbow joint and the claw opens and closes using a medium Power Functions motor mounted in the arm body.

This arm is very heavy - too heavy in fact for my current Wall-E design! But I was happy with the design so I wanted to capture it and post it for future use.

I didn’t have a torso to mount the arm onto, so I just powered it while lying on the table.


Last updated 23 May, 2008

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Opening and closing the gripper. This is not an ideal gripper design (there are many better versions on the web) but it gets the job done.