Synchronous Drive Robot Chassis v2

July 2008


I re-visited my synchronous drive robot to see if I could make it smaller, lighter and stronger. I was inspired by this NXTlog posting to redesign my previous attempt at a synchro drive. The result was a lighter robot chassis that was also stronger, but used fewer parts to build than my first attempt. I modified my original design to use the new LEGO turntable piece which fits in better with the studless beams in the NXT set.

Overall I’m pleased with how this version of the robot has turned out. It does drive slowly though, which I guess is the tradeoff for using the worm gear in the drive train.

Building Instructions
  1. Download SynchroDrive.pdf giving step-by-step instructions (7.5MB)

  2. You can view a gallery of the step-by-step instructions.

  3. Download SynchroDrive_v2.ldr to view the design in LDView.


The synchro drive robot makes an excellent base to develop projects on. I used it as the basis of my wall-tracker.



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