Mark & Tanya's Wedding  

The Proposal

Unless you are blessed with an intrinsic sense of romance, proposing to your bride-to-be is sure to fill any man with an impending sense of doom. To be successful you have to be either 1) Completely over the top, or 2) Convincingly romantic.

To succeed at the first approach you have to paraglide from the Eifel Tower, or hang a banner from the pyramids. Knowledge of intergalactic spaceflight is often necessary to rearrange the stars in the sky to spell out "Marry Me?". Alternatively, access to a scanning electron microscope and a PhD in particle phyics can help you write "Be Mine Forever?" in gold atoms on a diamond substrate. Pricey, complex and with no guarantees of success.

Mark went with approach number 2 - travel to a place that had deep romantic meaning, and attempt to ask her The Question as romantically as possible. Unfortunately, while succeeding at the first task (Tanya and Mark travelled to Purdue where they had started dating), he completely botched the second task! Unable to contain himself until they reached the diner where they started dating, Mark asked Tanya to marry him in their hotel room! Despite getting the proposal only half correct, Tanya immediately said yes.

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