California Reception

Guests dined on a buffet of light and heavy hors d'houevres which included smoked salmon on crackers with cheese and caviar on top, Basil toast: a french baguette sliced up with a topping of basil, tomatoes, capers and melted provolone cheese, Sandwiches cut into quaters: egg salad, tuna salad, cucumber and watercress, peanut butter and jelly for kids, Delicious barbeque meatballs, Pasta salad, Green salad, Vegetable tray with a spinach dip, Cheese tray with red and green grapes and crackers, iced-tea, water and lemonade, a selection of Guglielmo wine and champagne, and a selection of beers

The cake was a white three-tier cake decorated with real grapes and iced on grapes. The top and bottom layer were the most delicious lemon poppy-seed and the middle layer was raspberry and cream cheese filled moist yellow cake. The Lladro statue sat beside the cake on the table due to potential winds.

Following lunch, toasts, and cake cutting guests played croquet and bocci ball on the large green lawn overlooking the vineyard. Several guests amused themselves by juggling while others watched the wedding video.

Feeding cake
Feeding each other cake
Croquet on the lawn
Croquet mallets
Croquet mallets are not for kids