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Books on Digital Video Production

I have personally bought and used each of these books, so I can attest to their quality and value. I've written a short comment for each book that I hope you find useful.

Please click through the links below if you plan to purchase any of these books. I don't get much back from Amazon but what little I get helps to run this site.

I've split the books into various catagories: General, Editing, Sound and Lighting.

General Movie Making

These books do not directly address Final Cut Pro but deal with film or documentary making at a higher level. They provide the context within which your work will fit, even if it is a simple home movie. You'll have to consider: what am I trying to say, how am I saying it in the film, how will the audience interpret what I'm saying and whether your message will be received and understood.

cover Making Documentary Films and Reality Videos
cover Directing the Documentary
cover Single-Camera Video Production, Third Edition
cover Film Directing Shot by Shot
cover Film Directing, Cinematic Motion


These books focus on the theory and techniques behind editing film or video. You have to understand both why you are performing an edit, and what type of edit to use. However, these books go further than just the basics of editing and also cover how to log, capture and organize your footage, how to perform post-production work on your masterpiece and finally produce your output for various media formats.
cover Editing Techniques with Final Cut Pro

I have read and re-read this book over and over again, and each time through I learn something new. I highly recommend this book to anyone starting out with Final Cut Pro. it is written by a member of the original design team who was also an independent film maker. Wohl really understands both how to make a good film and how to build a good video editor.
cover Final Cut Pro 3 Editing Workshop

Tom's book is second on my list because I read it right after Michael Wohl's book. The two together make a winning team: Michael's book focuses on theory and higher-level editing concepts, Tom's book gets down and dirty in the details. Don't get me wrong, Tom also covers theory of editing, but this book definitely is more practical than Wohl's book. I recommend that you buy both of them and read them both over and over.
cover Final Cut Pro 3 and the Art of Filmmaking

I enjoyed reading and working wth this book because of its high production values. It is full color throughout, and is a wide-format layout. You can really see details on the screens when the athors discuss the editing techniques and tools.

Movie Sound

cover Producing Great Sound for Digital Video


cover Placing Shadows: Lighting Techniques for...
cover Basics of Video Lighting, Second Edition


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