1999 was an eventful year for us.  Not only were we busy planning our own wedding which was in September, but we were also in a wedding, helped coordinate a wedding day and flew to a wedding in Atlanta and St. Louis.  This was certainly the year to get married!

Our first trip as Mr & Mrs., besides our honeymoon, was back to Purdue University for the CERIAS Inaugural Colloquium in November.  Purdue is dear to our hearts since that is where we met, fell in love and got engaged.  As you will see from the pictures, this was a very serious event that culminated in a battle of corporate accounts in Harry's Chocolate Shop.

For the first time we stayed home for Christmas.  Although it was strange not to be surrounded by family, it was a wonderful and relaxing holiday...no packing, no crowded airports, no smelly planes, no figuring out how to pack all these gifts, etc.  For the much over-hyped New Years Eve 2000 we drove up to Portland to celebrate with our friends, Brett and Raney, and see their new place.  We had a blast!