The year 2000 started out slow, but the pace picked up quickly as we found new hobbies and Tanya changed jobs.  Mark started a machining class and was building all sorts of things out of Lego.  Tanya started a new job, a photography class and training/fundraising for the Avon 3Day Breast Cancer Walk.

May woke us up out of our winter slumber with weekend after weekend of events.  First we flew to New Jersey and drove to UMASS for Danny's Graduation.  No sooner did we get back to California and Danny and Colleen arrived for a vacation.  Susan also graduated and had a wonderful party at their new house.

The day Danny and Colleen left Tanya got up at 4:30 AM (yes, she can function that early) to go Whitewater Rafting with Chicks Rock!  Us chicks had a blast on the river and even more fun at camp...who wouldn't with disco tunes, tubs of margaritas and groovin' strobe lights.

Later in June we went to the Oblix Company Picnic where we were all fooled into passing buckets of water over our heads.  The catch is the buckets had holes in the bottom!

We made our annual Boilermaker July 4th Trip which we have been doing since 1996.  This year we headed south for a change to a lovely fishing village, Morro Bay, with it's *world famous* Morro Rock.  All I can say is it is a very big must see it in person to appreciate it's size.

Finally, after six months of training, Tanya and Susan embarked on a three day journey.  They began in Cupertino, all fresh and energetic, on a sixty mile walk with 3000 other people up the peninsula to San Francisco.  They encountered scorching heat, painful blisters and cold, wet, soggy fog...but it was some of the best days of their lives.  As soon as they crossed the finish line, the signed up to do it again!

We celebrated our first wedding anniversary at the wonderful and romantic Whale Watch Inn.  We even had our own personal jacuzzi on our patio where we could sip champagne and look up at the doesn't get any better than this.

Since we knew we might be leaving California in the next year, we were determined to get to Yosemite National Park.  Afterall, we have lived here for almost four years and had yet to make it there.

In October Mark was in France on business so Tanya met him in Ireland to suprise his mum on her 60th Birthday.

This year Tanya and Val threw a Halloween Party and Bryn and Susan's house.  The costumes were great and the punch insured everyone had a great least those that could remember anything.

Thanksgiving took us to New Jersey, Tanya's home, for a week.  It was nice to spend more than just two days in New Jersey and Tanya's 10 year High School Reunion turned out to be pretty amusing.

Just before the craziness of the holidays went into full force, we celebrated with friends and coworkers by having a Christmas Party.  For the second year in a row, we stayed in California for Christmas.  The only difference is Patrick, Ursula, Robert and Lynne came to California.  We spent New Years weekend in beautiful Tahoe trying to break a few bones snowboarding.