Wedding Invitations

We saw the invitations as one of the critical elements in conveying the theme of our wedding. After unsuccessfully searching high and low for just the right invitation, we decided to create it ourselves.

Cordero Printing was wonderful in helping us to realize our plans. The invitation itself was on grey parchment-like paper, the text was a celtic font, and the wording was completely in Irish. The invitation was then wrapped in a deep burgundy heavy stock paper which was sealed with a grey wax seal bearing a celtic knot. Also included were an English translation of the invitation, a reception card, and two response cards, one for Ireland and the other for New Jersey and California. With tissue paper between each layer and the wax seals (which Mark did!) it was time consuming to construct the invitations. The envelopes were addressed by a calligrapher to save time.

We were very happy as we started to receive responses, guests were raving about the invitations...we had achieved our desired effect.