Tuscany marked the lazy Sunday afternoon of our honeymoon. We stayed at a converted monastery - Borgo Monastero. It was full of German tourists who enjoyed girding their bulk in tight Speedo swimming trunks. Almost an anatomy lesson in itself!

We arose around 11am and took a lazy breakfast and then spent the morning lounging by the pool, breaking for a light lunch at the bar. After lunch we would sip on a beer for a while before returning to our apartment for a siesta. Then it was time to get dressed for dinner, which we usually ate locally. Wash rinse and repeat.

We did venture out of the Monastry to visit the local big city of Sienna. There we met another Irish couple on vacation. The reason for our meeting was...rain (what a surprise). It started to pour rain as we sat having coffee in the main square. We sheltered under the awnings of a local restaurant - who then decided to close their awnings up and let everyone get as wet as possible! You've got to love that Italian sense of service.

Borgo Monastero
the view
Borgo at night
bidet laundry
REAL laundry
Mark at dinner