Who's idea was it to drive from Tuscany to Venice in one day? Probably Mark's, who grossly underestimated the engine size of our rental car, and the number of "oh that's cute" places to stop for photos.

We arrived in Venice so late that the rental car office had closed. We had to park our car in the city parking lot. I expected a gargantuan structure that would dwarf conventional parking lots - this was a city parking lot after all. Instead, we parked in a structure not much bigger than an American mall lot.

Our hotel in Venice, the Hotel Boston, was close to St. Mark's square, the central square of the city. The desk clerk at the main desk was very helpful, and incredibly lingual. We counted him speaking in six different languages while staying there. In each one he could say "I'm sorry, we have no rooms available until sometime in the year 2090, maybe in late November." Accomodation is at a premium year-round in Venice.

Venice skyline
Grand Princess
St. Mark's Square
Mark & the birds
Murano Island