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Here are some sample tracks I made in Soundtrack from Apple. I was playing with this as part of Final Cut Pro 4.

Groove 17 September, 2003.
A simple short groovy track that I created in about an hour. A typical "my first track" in Soundtrack. You can download the MP3. It is 1MB in size.
Groove Cowboy 19 September, 2003.
Following on in the groove theme, I laid down a simple guitar track, added some Wild West style shaker and beats and had myself a simple cowboy loop. But to make it interesting I used the Classic Rhodes Organ to lay out a groovy melody over the dusty cowboy boots backdrop. Sort of Clint Eastwood meets Carwash. You can download the track. It is 2.4MB in size, and 2:02 minutes long.

So easy to use even I can make music!

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