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Electronics Projects

Ahhh, the smell of burning solder, the fizzle of burning resistors, the wonder of misconnected power rails ... who can deny the fun of meddling with hobby electronics?

The most popular download from this area is the LCD library for PIC microcontrollers. I wrote this code about two years ago to interface a PIC 16C84 to a serial LCD display. I decided to implement it as a library as I thought it would be useful to others. Over the last two years hundreds of people have downloaded and tried it out - I hope it has proved useful to them!

Here are some selected books which I have bought over the years to learn how to program PIC microcontrollers, build sensors and motor circuits for robots and build amplifiers and op-amps for sensors. Hopefully you will find them useful too.

I've listed some books on the right hand side of the page. All of these books are excellent resources for the amateur electronics hobbyist. I would highly recommend any one of them if you are getting started, and I have bought most of them for my own use. Please click on the links to read reviews and purchase the books on Amazon. Thanks!

PIC Microcontroller Project Book
Lot's of great PIC project ideas!
Programming Robot Controllers
Good coverages of the PIC 16F627/84 and details on interfacing to sensors.

Programming and Customizing the Pic Microcontroller

If you are learning to program microcontrollers then Myke's book is good start.
The Art of Electronics
A classic in the field. Teaches you the art and science of linear and digital electronic design. If you want to learn why your circuit is not working, read this book and you'll know why.
Mobile Robots: Inspiration to Implementation
A very readable introduction to the art of robotic design and implementation from the best practioners in the field: the MIT Artificial Intelligence Lab!
Microcontroller Cookbook
A set of cookbook style designs for the 8051 and PIC microcontrollers. A handy reference to have if you need a quick solution to a problem.

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