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Mac OS X

When we bought our video camera I started to edit our home movies on my Mac using Final Cut Pro. I soon began to explore using the Mac as a development environment. Obviously it had the standard UNIX toolset because Darwin (the underlying OS) is loosely based on BSD UNIX. I was happy to find ssh, perl, rsync, gcc, vi, tcsh and a variety of other favourite tools installed.

But to do real programming on the Mac I wanted to be able to develop GUI applications, and for that I needed to learn two things: the Objective-C programming language, and the Cocoa framework developed by Apple.

On the following pages I've put some of the sample source I've written to familiarise myself with the development environment. My ultimate goal is to build security software for Mac OS X, much as I have done for other UNIX platforms.

Check out my software for some of the code I have written.


Cocoa Programming
An excellent resource on Cocoa programming that covers almost every aspect of development on Mac OS X.
Cocoa Recipes for Mac OS X
A step-by-step guide through developing a multi-document application in Cocoa.
Cocoa Programming for Mac OS X
My first Cocoa book - clearly written guides and excellent coverage of the basics.

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