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Mark's Cocoa programs

The new OS X development environment uses the Objective-C language layered over the Cocoa class framework. Cocoa provides the base classes you use to build applications, from low-level file operations to high-level GUI concepts such as drag-and-drop.

Objective-C is an interesting language, and one I've enjoyed exploring. It is a Smalltalk-like object oriented language, but built around C. Pure Objective-C code tends to be far less like C than you would expect; you rarely use loops (use iterator classes instead), you rarely handle things with pointers explicitly and memory allocation uses retain counts to handle garbage collection.

I've put some of my sample appliaction code on the website for you to download, tinker with and enjoy. I'm still learning as I go along, so expect some of these earlier attempts to be a little rough around the edges. Hopefully they will be useful to you!

2 January, 2003

Table based Edit Panel
A table is used to store data in row form and an entry and edit panel can change the values in the table. Drag and drop into the table is also supported!
1 January, 2003

Simple Edit Panel
A simple demonstration of how a panel is launched from a main window and can call methods in the main window to change data.

Cocoa Programming
An excellent resource on Cocoa programming that covers almost every aspect of development on Mac OS X.
Cocoa Recipes for Mac OS X
A step-by-step guide through developing a multi-document application in Cocoa.
Cocoa Programming for Mac OS X
My first Cocoa book - clearly written guides and excellent coverage of the basics.

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