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The BASIC Stamp microcontroller is available from Parallax Inc. At its heart lies a PIC microcontroller, a flash EEPROM and some RAM. The EEPROM contains a BASIC interpreter and space for your program tokens to be stored. You compile BASIC programs into a token stream and download them to the STAMP via a Windows program. The STAMP then interprets and executes the programs. Basic STAMP The STAMP is ideal for simple control projects, and is great for hobby robotics. It has an on-board analog to digital converter so taking measurements is very straightforward. The dialect of BASIC it speaks is simple enough to be learned overnight.

NEW: STAMP Linux tools available!

There is an excellent page available that provides details on STAMP programming for Linux. Thanks to Brian Lavender and Bill Kendrick for the hard work!

PIC Microcontroller Project Book
Lot's of great PIC project ideas!

Programming and Customizing the Pic Microcontroller

If you are learning to program microcontrollers then Myke's book is good start.
The Art of Electronics
A classic in the field. Teaches you the art and science of linear and digital electronic design. If you want to learn why your circuit is not working, read this book and you'll know why.
Mobile Robots: Inspiration to Implementation
A very readable introduction to the art of robotic design and implementation from the best practioners in the field: the MIT Artificial Intelligence Lab!
Microcontroller Cookbook
A set of cookbook style designs for the 8051 and PIC microcontrollers. A handy reference to have if you need a quick solution to a problem.

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