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Completed Movies

I am not a professional videographer, but I am improving as time goes on. I find myself more concious of "shooting to edit" when positioning myself with my camera. I think about the sound quality and the lighting, and will often not bother with a shot because I know I cannot edit it with the existing material I've gathered.

Robert Crosbie live at the Parlour Bar, Dublin - 27 November, 2002
Again a video of my brother playing a gig, this was recorded at The Parlour Bar in Dublin. He went over a storm and played a super encore!

I created a thumbnail preview using QiPo.

The video of his set is available as a 17Mb RealVideo stream. You'll need to download the RealOne player to watch the video. Click here to watch the video.

Rob has his own website where you can check out his album list, pictures and download sample MP3s of his work.

Robert Crosbie live at Whelans Bar, Dublin - July 2002
My brother Rob writes his own music and plays gigs in local clubs and pubs in Dublin where he showcases his material. I've come out with him a few times and made some short videos of his gigs. Here is my first video of him playing a gig at Whelan's Bar in Dublin. I forgot to bring my tripod, so the video gets a little shaky at times. The bluriness at the start was the camera struggling to get focussed, which I used as a lead-in "feature" for the set.

I created a thumbnail preview using QiPo.

The video of his set is available as a 1.8MB RealVideo stream. You'll need to download the RealOne player to watch the video. It is a little blurry because I had to compress it a lot to make it small enough to upload.

A Lone Blue Man - 11 March 2002
You see, we had a party. It was Susan's 30th Birthday party. And the theme was Las Vegas. And so someone had to come as a member of the famous Blue Man Group, and that person was Stephen Burns. And he's Canadian. And this is what I found on the video camera the next day...

Stephen Burns is A Lone Blue Man in 320x240 resolution Quicktime format (size 11MB). You can see a thumbnail preview.

NOTE: This is a mature (PG-13) themed movie. Stephen says some naughty things. He's Canadian, so we can't blame him too much. And I didn't get to ask the Blue Men about using their clips in the movie. They kind of looked at me funny and didn't say much.

Country Julia - January 11, 2002
I took an animated Julia set (derived from the famous Mandelbrot set) and added some country music to it. The result is... strangely hilarious. See what you think.

You can watch in 320x320 Quicktime format (10.7MB size) or in 160x120 Quicktime format (862KB size). A thumbnail preview is also available.

The animated Julia set was generated using VideoScript, a scripting language for video processing. The music was generated using SmartSound SonicFire Pro. Both are excellent tools for video work!

Out of Control - 19 December, 2001
This was my first movie made on my Mac using iMovie. It is distinctly amateur but I was very proud of it. The music (from the Chemical Brothers) makes it that bit more interesting. Otherwise it's just a set of iMovie special effects back-to-back. Yawn.

Look at the exciting thumbnail preview and thrill to the rocking sound of Out of Control in Quicktime (2.2MB), Windows AVI (3.5MB) or RealVideo (368KB) format.

A Night At Cold Stone - 30 August, 2001
Cold Stone is a local ice cream parlor where they mix your ice cream with fruits or other candy (my favorite is vanilla bean with crunch bars.). The girls there will sing if you tip them. Judge for yourself if they are worth the dollar!

LEGO SHRIMP Rover - 26 August, 2001
My first ever movie is a 15 second clip of my SHRIMP robot navigating over some books. It was mainly a trial run in how to edit movies. It's worth it for the awful auto-generated 80's synth pop soundtrack. Four hours of work for 15 seconds of video...

  • SHRIMP Rover as MPG format (960k)
  • SHRIMP Rover as RealVideo format for slow connections (49k)
  • SHRIMP Rover as RealVideo format for fast connections (500k)


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