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Coming Soon

Here are some coming attractions I hope to build. If only this was my full-time job...

Instead of lurching off at full power and then grinding to a halt, this robot uses a thread and semaphore implementation to request to travel at a certain speed. The threads then bring the robot to that speed in a more controlled fashion.
Speed match two motors on a robot so that it traves in a straight line. Uses the GentleAccel code from the previous robot, and the stall code to avoid stalls.
A description of a movement plan is downloaded into the robot in tuples and the robot traces out the path on the floor.
The robot follows a 2-D trail of black on a white background and records the path it took to later upload to the computer.
The robot travels around a 3D space and records the location of walls and obstacles.
A set of different evolutionary behaviors are evolved.
A tilt sensor that can determine which way a robot is leaning and then attempt to correct that
A robot with pneumatic suspension that will auto-level as it drives over uneven terain.

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