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BrickOS Links

BrickOS homepage
The main development home of BrickOS hosted on sourceforge.
BrickOS newsgroup
The legOS newsgroup hosted on lugnet gives you access to expert legOS users.
LEGO Mindstorms Internals
The definitive reference for the internals of the RCX brick.
Allows you to emulate an RCX to test your programs for BrickOS.
Ralph is a frequent poster on the LEGO robotics mailing list and the creator of the pbFORTH dialect for the RCX.
Lego RCX
A perl disassembler for the RCX firmware.
NQC - Not Quite C
For those ready to move on from the simplistic LEGO software, NQC is the first port of call.
RCX Internals
The site that started all the hacking - Kekoa reverse engineered the RCX and posted this info.
Talk to an RCX from a serial port on a Linux box
A pretty self-explanatory page!
A Java RCX simulator.

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